Determination of Static and Dynamic Axle Loads


Determination of Static and Dynamic Axle Loads of Commercial Vehicles Taking into Account Innovative Vehicle Concepts and Chassis Technologies to Reduce Static and Dynamic Wheel Loads

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The size of the dynamic wheel load components of a truck depends on the road incline as an excitation. The speed, the chassis concept including the spring / damper system and the load factor. So called adaptive damping systems are applied to the static axle loads of the particular loading condition or, during travel, detect vehicle-technical parameters and continuously adjust their effective line continuously to the current vehicle road condition. In a driving test, the magnitude of the dynamic axle loads occurring on Federal Motorways (BAB) and Federal Roads (BStr) shall be examined to what extent these damping systems can reduce dynamic wheel load fluctuations and thus contribute to road safety. Optionally, further chassis systems or components are to be examined for their potential for roadway protection.



Federal Government of Traffic, Construction and Urban Development


Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen University


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ueckermann