Dynamic Measurement of the Grip of Road Markings



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Dirk Kemper

Head of Traffic Space Design Department


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Within the scope of the project "Dynamic measurement of skid resistance of road markings", an extensive and detailed literature research will be carried out to compile and analyze the measurement methods for dynamic skid resistance measurement available in Germany as well as in Europe and worldwide and to evaluate them with regard to their use for dynamic skid resistance measurement of road markings. Furthermore, comparative investigations are carried out to assess the suitability of selected systems in practice. Finally, the results of suitable dynamic skid resistance measurement methods are compared with those of the SRT pendulum on a wide variety of pavement markings (variation of material, width, type and profiling). Based on the results, comparative values between dynamic measurement methods and the SRT pendulum device are derived. By working out a suitable method for the dynamic measurement of the skid resistance of road markings, it will be possible to monitor the condition of the marking in the future without major traffic obstruction.



Federal Highway Research Institute


Mechatronic Traffic GmbH


Dr.-Ing. Dirk Kemper

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schacht

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