Development of a Test System


Development of a Test System for the Proof of Suitability of Reuse of Asphalt with Softening Points of the Extracted Binder of Over 70 ° C

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According to the current regulations, the recycling of reclaimed asphalt with a softening point of ring and ball of more than 70° C on average is excluded.
However, with the increasing use of binders that already have a high softening point when fresh, especially special binders, this regulation is no longer tenable, as even reclaimed asphalt from new road pavements would not be allowed to be reused.

The aim of this research project is therefore to develop a testing system based on previous experience from research and practice, by means of which it is possible to clearly distinguish special binders with high softening points from heavily aged standard bitumens.

Furthermore, the influence of the addition of asphalt granules with differently modified binders on the different mechanical properties of a stone mastic asphalt and an asphalt binder will be investigated.
On the basis of the results of the investigations, a procedure is worked out on how to proceed in the assessment and verification of the suitability of asphalt granules with a high softening point within the framework of a suitability test.



Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs


asphalt-labor, Arno J. Hinrichsen GmbH & Co.


Dipl.-Ing. André Meyer

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