Pilot Project Nanotechnology


Pilot Project for the Use of Nanotechnology for Performance Enhancement of Asphalt Surface Layers

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The research project has the character of a pilot project or a feasibility study and serves the purpose of proving the positive influence of nanoscale materials on the performance properties of asphalt top layers. From the selection of suitable nanoparticle products through the production and testing of nanoparticle-bitumen composites (NPBK) to the production, the incorporation and the compaction of compositesphalt mixes under practical conditions with subsequent testing of the asphalt properties, all development phases of the novel building material are considered. The evaluation is carried out taking into account deformation-, low temperature-, fatigue- and sticking- behavior as well as resistance to aging in comparison with the reference designs in conventional design. The investigations are carried out as an example on an SMA and an AB mixture.