Temperate Road

  Logo   Chart: Heating a street with geothermal energy Copyright: © ISAC Heating of a street by geothermal energy

A concept for the tender is to be developed for a high-quality constructional implementation of a drivable demonstrator with various temperature control systems. This project involves the development of a concept for the construction of road superstructures with appropriate installations for temperature control of roadway constructions. In order to provide the necessary energy as well as a seasonal heat accumulator, a geothermal heating system will be employed.

Five different test fields are to be used on the duraBASt to demonstrate and evaluate function and mode of operation of various temperature control systems. Hereby, systems with tube registers and systems with a through-flowed intermediate layer are considered.

The aim of the project is to create an overall concept, which will be used as a basis for the tender documents for the construction of the demonstrator on the duraBASt.