Measurement of the Structural Substance of Asphalt Attachments Using Non-Destructive Methods

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Pengfei Liu

Head of Modelling of Functionalized Materials Department


+49 241 80-22780



The aim of this research project is to record and evaluate the structural substance of asphalt pavements using various non-destructive methods. Test fields 7 and 8 of the model road of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) are to be used for this purpose. A systematic analysis of the deflection measurements under stationary and moving loads is to be used to draw conclusions about the load-bearing behavior of the asphalt pavements. In doing so, physically based structural and material parameters are to be derived mathematically from the measured deflections - with knowledge of the layered structure of the pavement and other variables yet to be defined. These parameters include, for example, the Young's modulus of the layers and the layer bonding. The back-calculation is to be carried out with the aid of the finite element method, whereby particular attention is paid to a realistic representation of the respective loading condition due to stationary and/or moving loads with static and/or dynamic characteristics. The parameters determined are then to be converted into specific substance values.


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