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Automated Weight Control of Heavy Traffic based on Dynamic Axle Load Weighing

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The aim of the research project is to develop a high-precision measuring instrument for the dynamic recording of axle loads, in order to enable a tool for more targeted implementation of transit bans, even based on the actual total weight. The newly developed system offers the following advantages:

  • Protection of the infrastructure by monitoring the actual total weight and automatic introduction of regulatory offenses, thus also extending the life of the structures and reducing the economic consequential costs
  • Avoidance of detours of freight traffic by gradual weight restrictions, thereby congestion avoidance and increase traffic safety.
  • Relief of the police
  • Individual addressing of truck drivers in the area in front of bridge structures with extension or diversion instructions. This optimizes the route behavior and minimizes individual error behavior
  • A significant increase in traffic safety and also a steady flow of traffic



Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)


Institute for Automotive Engineering, RWTH Aachen University

Neurosoft GmbH


Dr.-Ing. Dirk Kemper

Milad Moharekpour, M. Sc.

Year of Completion