Digital Twin Oscillation Roller


Optimizing the Use of the Oscillation Roller by Matching the Operating Parameters to the Asphalt Properties

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Frederic Otto

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Problem Definition

The compaction control methods currently anchored in construction contracts are still carried out selectively on the basis of pavement sections. The disadvantages of this method are that it interferes with the pavement substance, that it does not allow any general conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the surrounding asphalt layer, and that it takes place at a point in time at which no reworking can be carried out (after the layer has cooled). Alternative methods for non-destructive monitoring of compaction during the rolling process are therefore required. Especially for the technique of oscillation compaction, there are currently no established methods in the field of asphalt compaction.

Project Objective

The research project deals with the fundamentals for the development of the oscillation roller and the asphalt layer as a cyber-physical system. This system consists of a "real twin" (roller with oscillation drum equipped with sensors) and a "digital twin" (virtual model of the oscillation drum and asphalt layer). The real twin generates a digital shadow in the form of measurement data, which is transferred to the virtual twin. The virtual twin evaluates and interprets this data so that a statement can be made about the actual condition of the real twin (slip, compaction).


  • Measurement concept for recording relevant parameters on the oscillation bandage and in the asphalt
  • Development of the virtual twin and numerical studies regarding the mutual relationship between the movement behavior of the drum, the properties of the asphalt layer (structure, material) and the conditions prevailing between the two contact partners
  • Validation based on measurements by the real twin
  • Derivation of an automated procedure for the interpretation of the measurement data by the real twin



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Dr.-Ing. Frédéric Otto

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