Past Construction Technology Projects

  Graphic: City, road and construction vehicles Copyright: © ISAC
Completed Construction Technology Projects (in alphabetical order)
AKSLast - Automated Weight Control of Heavy Traffic Based on Dynamic Axle Load Weighing
ARROWS - Numerical and Experimental Development of an "Accelerated Repeated Rolling Wheel Load Simulator"
AsduB - Asphalt Surface on a Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
Asphalt Attachments - Improving the Safety and Economy of Computational Dimensioning of Asphalt Attachments Using a Finite Element Model
AZwiSuB - Investigation of Asphalt Interlayers Underneath Concrete Pavements
B2Last® - Improving Bitumen Performance through Chemical Modification
BeGriff - Development of a Dynamic Measurement Method for Non-Contact Determination of Road Grip
BLP Acceptance - Extension of the Use of the Evaluated Longitudinal Profile for Construction-Related Applications and Comparison with the Conventional Acceptance Procedure
Bundes-CDE - Development of a Common Database in German Road Construction
Cancer-Stimulating Gas Emissions in Asphalt Industry and their Effects on Health of Construction Workers
CARPET - Continuously Assembled Rollable Polymer-Embedded Road Toppings
Conception and Realization of a Durable Low-μ-Roadway Covering
DAchS - Durable Road Fittings for Future Traffic Loads - Coupled System Road - Tire - Vehicle
Detection of Microplastic Emissions from Road Markings - CBI Consortium Project
Determination of Static and Dynamic Axle Loads of Commercial Vehicles Taking into Account Innovative Vehicle Concepts and Chassis Technologies to Reduce Static and Dynamic Wheel Loads
Development of a test system for the proof of suitability of reuse of asphalt with softening points of extracted binder of over 70 ° C
Development of Forecast Functions for the Road Conditions of Municipal Roads
Digital Twin Oscillation Roller - Optimizing the Use of the Oscillation Roller by Matching the Operating Parameters to the Asphalt Properties
Durability of Layer Bond - Influence on the Effectiveness and Durability of Layer Composites when Using Viscosity-Changing Organic Additives in Asphalt
Durable Concrete Surfaces - Optimizing Road Surface by Texturing with Diamond Grinding Method
Dynamic Measurement of Grip of Road Markings
Environmentally Friendly Road Coverings with Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment by Photocatalytic Removal of Nitrogen Dioxide Using Nanotechnology
Environmentally Friendly Road Cover with Photocatalytic Removal of Nitrogen Dioxide and a Reduced Heat Sinking Effect
Expansion of the EVA Flatness Measurement System by Longitudinal Evaluation Method "Rated Longitudinal Profile" to Provide the Possibility of a Time-Efficient Result Analysis of On-Site Measurements
Finite-Element-Method - Optimization of Safety and Efficiency of Computational Design of Asphalt Pavements with a Finite Element Method
Hydro-Mechanical Interaction in Permeable Pavement Structures Under Partially Saturated Conditions
LASt – Long-Term Road Damage due to Dynamic Wheel Load Fluctuations
INNO-BOND - Simulation-Based Development of New Road Construction Materials and Innovative Manufacturing and Installation Methods
In-Motion - Measurement of the Structural Substance of Asphalt Attachments Using Non-Destructive Methods
INNO-PAVE - Basic Research on Polymer Materials as well as Innovative Manufacturing and Installation Technologies for Road Surface Layer Systems
Investigations on Seam Formation in Open-Pore Asphalt Pavement Layers
ITARI - Integrated Tyre and Road Interaction
Integral Evaluation of Flatness
Long Lasting Concrete Ceilings - Acoustic Optimization of Concrete Surfaces by Texturing Concrete
Nanomechanics of 1D Materials
NANOASPHALT - Optimization of Properties and Resistance of Asphalt Roads Using Nanotechnology
Numerical Simulation - Numerical Simulation of Crack Propagation in Flexible Asphalt Attachments due to Traffic Loads
PAST - Process-Driven Automated Road Construction
Piezoresistive Sensitive Concrete for Traffic Monitoring
Pilot Project for the Use of Nanotechnology for Performance Enhancement of Asphalt Surface Layers
QUASt – New Approaches to Quality Control in Road Construction
Quiet, Innovative Top Layer on Plastic Base
Repairs with High-Performance Concrete - Modeling and Computational Verification of Efficacy
Road Load Data - Updating and Adapting Road Load Data for Dimensioning
Rolling Solar
RWTH Start-Up - Development of Pavement Surface Materials with Sensing-Capabilities for Application in Intelligent Transportation Systems
SOLMOVE - Technical Assessment of Energy Production Through Photovoltaic-Integrated Road Surfaces
Substance Diagnosis - Further Development and Evaluation of New and Known Methods for the Load-Bearing Capacity Assessment by Means of Road Fastenings with Defined Substance Disturbances
Temperate Road - Investigations for the Realization of a Demonstrator on duraBASt