Electronic Detection and Warning System


Electronic Detection and Warning System of False Drivers on Motorways Using Radio Technology


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Dirk Kemper

Head of Traffic Space Design Department


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At present, there is no adequate automatic safety system that allows self-sufficient wrong-way driving detection and a corresponding automatic message to the affected traffic section.

This project aims at a passive vehicle direction detection with a radio infrastructure component - installed e.g. in delineators - which works independently of vehicle equipment and thus also detects intentional wrong-way driving. After detection, both local warnings and wide-area traffic messages are issued to alert affected traffic in a targeted and low-latency manner. An optional mobile warning unit for use in vehicles is also being developed, e.g. to enable integration of local (short-range radio) warnings in retrofittable warning modules, navigation devices or cell phones.


The consortium is coordinated by the medium-sized Wilhelm Schröder GmbH, which develops carrier system platforms with integrated energy harvesting modules. TU Dortmund University (Prof. Christian Wietfeld) will research a novel method for passage direction detection and drive it to the point of applicability, as well as develop and evaluate mobile radio services for local and wide-area traffic alerts. RWTH Aachen University will play a major role in the further development of the warning concept, its integration into road traffic and the traffic-related acceptance of the system.



Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology: Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM)


Wilhelm Schröder GmbH

TU Dortmund


Dr.-Ing. Dirk Kemper

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Volkenhoff

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