Bridge Guard


Automatic Guidance and Control System for Bridges with Structural Deficiencies

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Problem Definition

The increasing volume of traffic, especially the heavy good vehicle traffic, as well as the increasing age of bridge constructions are already causing massive problems on the german road network. For the heavy good vehicles there are often driving-through prohibitions to protect road infrastructure. Without effective diversion and control techniques these prohibitions have only little efficacy. The disregard of such prohibitions often lead to a complete suspension of a bridge construction, which in addition to the enormous economic damage also means a risk to civil security.

Project Goal

The aim of the project will therefore be to develop an automated control and diversion system for the enforcement of truck driving-through prohibitions. There is the overarching goal of protecting the endangered infrastructure and permanently maintaining security of accommodation for the population. In particular, this system is intended to assist local road construction authorities, who are responsible for the majority of the bridge constructions, to enforce driving-through prohibitions to bridges.


For this purpose, a precise detection of affected trucks with the help of intelligent video systems in combination with an efficient diversion by adaptive traffic signage is to be developed. With such a system the bridge should be actively protected. Unauthorized vehicles will be detected and requested individually to use the deviation. In addition, other camera-based detection sections shall control the prohibitions and make legally binding penalties possible.

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