Planning Methodology


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Winter Semester

The course "Planning Methodology" is relevant for the following study courses:

  • B.Sc. Civil Engineering
  • B.Sc. Industrial Engineering
  • B.Sc. Mobility and Transport
  • B.Sc. Applied Geography
  • M.Sc. Applied Geography
  • M.Sc. Economic Geography

The course "Planning Methodology" is held in the winter semester in cooperation with the Chair and Institute of Urban and Transportation Planning and the Chair of Railway Engineering and Transport Economics.

Traffic and settlement development form a single unit. A good traffic connection was the main influence all the time. On top of that, changing living demands and the living quality have a big effect on the living situation. The separation from living and working space creates much more traffic, which has got a lasting impact on the landscape and the city shape.

A separate consideration of city planning and traffic is accordingly not up-to-date. Instead of that a joint consideration of the respective development objectives is expressed by terms such as spatial planning and regional planning.

The course "Planning Methodology" offers the students an introduction of the basic structure of the traffic planning system in Germany. The course also introduces the area of urban development and planning, such as the railway system. It therefore also forms the basis for following modules in the bachelor's degree in civil engineering.

Learning Objectives

  • Basic understanding of the structure of the planning system in Germany
  • Basic knowledge of the work and planning process
  • Knowledge in the fields of spatial planning and transport infrastructure

Time Scale

  • Lecture: 3 SWS (Semester Credit Hours)
  • Exercise: 1 SWS (Semester Credit Hours)

Further information about the module is available at the Campus Office of RWTH Aachen University.