Seminar Road and Traffic Engineering

Winter semester and summer semester

The course "Seminar Road and Traffic Engineering" is relevant for the following study courses:

  • M.Sc. Mobilitšt und Verkehr
  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering
  • M.Sc. Business Administration and Civil Engineering

The aim of the course "Seminar Road and Traffic Engineering" is the independent preparation of a seminar paper, which will be presented in a lecture. Within the scope of the seminar work a block from the current research will be considered. In addition to the professional examination of a topic, the logical work and the writing of scientific texts will be practiced with the seminar work.

Housework (90 h), grading: graded, weighting: 80%;

Seminar Lecture (20 min.), Grading: graded, weighting: 20%

The content of the course is the preparation of a seminar on different topics of the areas:

  • Road planning and transport technology
  • Earthworks and road engineering
  • Tunnel planning and operation

The teaching and learning contents are:

  • The ability to write an academic paper
  • Creating and holding a lecture as well as practicing professional discussion and moderation

The information booklet on "Seminar Road and Traffic Engineering" is available for download on L≤P or can be viewed in the display case at the institute.