Road Construction Technology - Equipment


General information

The Institute of Highway Engineering at RWTH Aachen University has an officially recognized Material Testing Laboratory for road construction materials and an officially recognized Calibration Laboratory for skid resistance measuring instruments.

Due to many years of recognition according to RAP Stra and as concrete testing center W according to DIN 1045, practical experience from all individual areas of traffic area construction is directly incorporated into research and teaching activities. In addition, newer findings and developments from research and committee activities can be directly put into practice or tested.

The material testing laboratory performs performance testing on the following construction materials:



Bitumen and Mortar


The primary fields of activity are derived from this:

  • Performance testing of asphalt
  • Performance testing of bitumen and mortar
  • Performance testing of concrete
  • Damage analysis and expert opinions
  • Quality assurance in the construction of traffic pavements
  • Scientific monitoring of pilot projects
  • Quality monitoring of rock deposits (quarries and gravel pits)
  • Suitability tests, control tests and arbitration examinations