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Development of Phase Models for the Establishment of Workstations and Refinement of the Rules for Workplace Safety

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The German motorway network continues to require new construction and expansion. As most of the German motorways were built in the 1970s and 1980s, the number of routes requiring either an overhaul or fundamental renewal is continuously increasing. In the execution of such projects, the period for the duration of the associated work stations also increases. Each year about 400 such work stations are established in Germany.

The safety aspects for such road work sites are un-dertaken in accordance with the guidelines for cor-doning off work sites on streets (RSA (1995), sup-plemented by the Technical Contract Conditions and Guidelines for the Work Involved in Safeguard-ing Roadworks (ZTV-SA (1997)). Further infor-mation on the establishment of road work locations can be found in the “Guidelines for the execution of road work sites on Federal Motorways”. The above mentioned guidelines only indicate the state of the road work sites already established, while no in-structions and specifications are available for the establishment thereof. Due to the fact that all the safety elements and traffic signs must be installed while maintaining the traffic flow, particularly spe-cific and dangerous work processes arise – e.g. the crossing of the motorway between the traffic or the removal of temporary markings adjacent to the traffic – are particularly dangerous activities to be car-ried out by the for road workers. Furthermore, cur-rently there are no transnational regulations which determine the sequence of measures to be taken, and which intermediate phases are to be planned for the erection, conversion and dismantling activities.

The aim of the research project was therefore to examine the requirements of all Federal States and to amend them accordingly in order to provide nationwide integration. The combination of the requirements from the individual Federal States with regard to structuring the management of road work sites was as much a focus as the presentation of the operational opportunities and risks. The main focus of the project was to clarify the questions, in which form, for which sites and under which parameters systematic and binding specifications can be developed for the erection, conversion and dismantling activities.