Past Research Projects


Effects of longer trucks - Effects of longer trucks on traffic safety and traffic flow at work sites

Lighting of night construction sites - Requirements for the lighting of night construction sites on motorways

Application Criteria for Construction Operating Forms

Electronic detection and warning system of false drivers on motorways using radio technology

Development of new guidelines for road construction - Part: Profitability calculations (RAS-W) with updating of utility and cost components

Vehicle automation - Potential social benefits as a result of increasing vehicle automation

Contribution to the winter service - Exploring the potential of geothermal energy as a contribution to winter service

BAG checks - Increased safety in the performance of BAG - Controls

Assessment of the traffic flow - Procedures for the evaluation of the traffic flow on motorways as an all-year analysis for different boundary conditions

MeBeSafe - Measures for Behaving Safely in Traffic

Phase models - Development of phase models for the establishment of workstations and refinement of the rules for workplace safety

Psychological impact of length of jobs, stagings and arrangements on the transport user

Realmoves - Realtime Measurement of Road Quality using on-board vehicle sensors

Risk assessments - Fundamentals for simulations-based accident risk assessments

Safety assessment of counter-traffic separation in workplaces

SMANCY - Preliminary study on the conceptual design and implementation of an automated and context-sensitive warning and information system for road users

Traffic control systems - The impact of failures on the quality of active traffic control systems

Interchanges of rural roads - Level of Service of grade-separated and compact grade-separated interchanges of rural roads

Overhead signals at short-term roadworks - The effects of overhead signals on traffic flow and road safety at short-term roadworks

Examination of habituation effects

Traffic flow and traffic safety at workplaces on motorways under different boundary conditions

Road safety - Traffic safety on b2 + 1 routes in North Rhine-Westphalia

Traffic safety in driveways on Motorways