Development of New Guidelines for Road Construction


Part: Profitability calculations (RAS-W) with updating of utility and cost components

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The decisive evaluation criterion for the assessment of road construction investments is the benefit/cost ratio. For the development of new guidelines for the construction of roads, part: economic efficiency calculations (RAS W) with updating of the benefit and cost components, the methodological approach of the recommendations for economic efficiency studies on roads (EWS 97) for the calculation of the benefit/cost ratio will be retained.

Two evaluation approaches are to be provided:

  • Rough procedure with simplified data basis as well as
  • detailed procedure with an extensive data basis

For the update of the macroeconomic evaluation procedure for road infrastructure investments, the benefit and cost components were divided into thematically defined work packages on the basis of technical delimitations.

The Institute of Highway Engineering plays a major role in work package 2 in the creation of the q-V relationships, which form the basis for the calculation of many benefit components. The goal is to develop guidelines that are agreed upon by all participants and ready for printing.



Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs renamed Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure


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