Safety Assessment of Counter-Traffic Separation in Workplaces

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Dirk Kemper

Head of Traffic Management Department


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The need for expansion, repair and renewal of the federal highway network will continue to necessitate the establishment of longer-term work zones in the future. At these work sites, it is often necessary to divert traffic to the opposite lane and to use narrowed auxiliary lanes.
In addition to increased traffic obstructions due to increased congestion, this also leads to a significantly increased accident frequency.

Due to the small safety distance to oncoming traffic, there is an increased probability of accidents with a high to very high accident severity.The separation of oncoming traffic in working areas is therefore of great relevance.

The objective of the research project is therefore, on the one hand, a statistically viable evaluation of the safety potential of the different transportable protective devices as two-way traffic separation in workplaces and, on the other hand, the relevance of the transition areas with regard to traffic safety in workplaces is to be investigated. In addition, traffic flow studies will be carried out.



Federal Highway Research Institute


Büro für Stadt- und Verkehrsplanug Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Baier GmbH


Dr.-Ing. Dirk Kemper

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